About HQS

About HQS

School Information

The school was founded in 2022 and is in the Gungahlin Mosque area of Canberra. It began with a diverse group of pupils, and with Allah’s grace, it continues today (SWT). What does Qur’an say about school? The importance of education is repeatedly emphasised in the Qur’an with frequent injunctions, such as “God will exalt those of you who believe and those who have knowledge to high degrees” (58:11), “O my Lord! Increase me in knowledge” (20:114).

We are proud of our strong Islamic culture and the ideas we instil in our kids to help them making the best decisions possible. We encourage our pupils to strive for excellence in everything they do and attain their personal best. Our institution has a long history of teaching and memorising the Qur’an, as well as Islamic studies and a variety of science subjects.

Our Vision

With its ground-breaking curriculum, Hafiz-Al Qur’an School aims to create and empower generations of students in Australia Canberra who are confident in their Muslim identity and can pursue and excel in any field of study with a strong foundation in Qur’an learning and Islamic understanding, while also enjoying learning different aspects of knowledge.

Our Values

  • Service – Being a responsible member of our community.
  • Teamwork – Working together to achieve excellence.
  • Ambition – Aiming to be the best we can be.
  • Respect – Behaving as we would like to be treated.
  • Transparency – Being transparent about our plans and capabilities.

Our Mission

To foster an atmosphere of educational excellence within a loving and secure Islamic environment, with the Qur’an at the centre of the education system and principles of discipline, mutual care, and acceptance that transcend beyond the school into the wider community. The school’s mission is made up of three main components, which are described in the below sections.

This is represented as:

  • ·   a conviction that everyone can succeed if they are educated in a high-quality, intellectually challenging atmosphere,
  • ·        a dedication to imparting high goals, a desire to learn, and succeed, and
  • ·        a personalised approach toward achieving excellence, based on the conviction that each person is unique, special, and capable of surpassing any imagined constraints.

This is achieved by building:

  •  a profound sense of connection to the “Star family” among our students, their parents, and their communities,
  • a strong commitment to a values-based education that inspires in all our student’s honesty, integrity, compassion, and mutual respect, and
  • a motivation that is each student become the greatest person as can be by a strong core of tenacity, self-respect, and self-belief.

This is presented by providing:

  • a commitment to cultivating excellent Muslims who are proud of being good Muslims contributing to our community and to our country’s social and economic progress,
  •  a sense of personal responsibility and obligation to others, and
  •  a desire to help others and make a positive difference in the world.

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